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The use of this website is subjected to the terms and conditions. Users are eligible to use the website only if they are 18 years or above.

Use of the website is restricted to legal purposes only. Users are requested to refrain from using the website by violating the intellectual property or privacy law and for any illegal reasons. All the users of the website, i.e. the customers, merchants, vendors, browsers and/or content contributors, must comply with the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions must be read carefully and the users must provide their consent. Using the website is an act of consent and all users will be requested to oblige with it. Failing to comply with the terms will result in termination of user rights. Users will no longer be eligible to access the website or purchase from the website. Note: Users are requested to read any disclaimers that can be found in any pages of the website.

While using the website, the users must refrain from performing illegal activities (such as data mining and data spamming) and other activities that violate any law or be considered as a criminal or civil offence. We will not tolerate unauthorized access into our website’s system, security or features. Duplication of the website’s content, design and layout will be dealt with severity. Users are requested to respect the licenses, trademarks and copyrights owned by the website. Users are requested to provide accurate personal information (such as their e-mail address, postal address and other contact information). We require these personal details to establish contact with the users and to deliver their orders. Users are requested to update their personal account promptly. We will collect, use and disclose the personal information by following the privacy policy.

The website can refuse the services to any person, for any reason and at any time. If users continue on the website, they assure us that they are at least the age of majority in their state or province and they are capable of entering into a binding contract. We reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time. We request all users to review the terms regularly. Their continuous use of the website will be considered as their consent.

Users are requested to view third party links with caution. The website does not approve such links and will not take responsibility for the same. Errors found on the website are purely accidental. The website cannot be held liable for the same. The website can make changes to the website, including the termination, suspension and discontinuance of any part of the website. Users cannot hold us liable for the termination, suspension and discontinuance of the website, its content and features and the products and services provided on the website. Financial information shared on the website will not be saved by us.

Products or Services

The purchases made by the users on this website will be approved if the products are available. The quantities offered on the website can be limited or canceled at any time. The sale of products and services can be restricted to any person, geographical location, household or jurisdiction. The website will revise the product prices at any time, without notice. All product prices are quoted in US dollars, unless mentioned otherwise. We cannot assure that the color and design of the products displayed on the website are completely accurate. We do try to display the color and design of the products as accurately as possible. The website will not tolerate fraudulent orders. We will cancel and report these orders to the authorities at once. Orders placed by resellers or distributors will be canceled at once.

Please be informed that all the orders are check by the fraud monitoring system of Maxmind and also checked manualy by the fraud monitoring specialists of our company. Each order recieves the score and if the score is too high then the order will be cancelled automaticly and money will be refunded back to the same bank card that was used for placing this order. We can not provide you with the information about the exact reason why fruad prevention system has marked your order as a suspicious or fruadlent.

All the disputes should be solved in the arbitration court of the Ireland

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